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American Tie Dye Messy Bun Women Screen Print Full Color, Full Color Patriotic DTF

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American Mama! American Woman! American Girl! Merica!

Ready to Ship - Ready to Press

Screen Print measures approximately 10"x9"

Full Color Print

Med - & Heavy Pressure
350-370 Degrees for 12-15 Seconds - *Add Cover Sheet* Cold Peel

100% Polyester
Med - & Heavy Pressure
300-330 Degrees for 12-15 Seconds - *Add Cover Sheet* Cold Peel

**Shirt / Bag NOT included. This sale is for a Ready to Press Screen Print*

We are not responsible for errors made during pressing/application.

Same day ship if purchased before 12:00 pm EST!!!!!


Craft Idea: use your cricut to add any # under the image! #AmericanMom make your own hashtag! 


This item is different than our other screen prints. It has a clear cover rather than paper. Remember to use butcher (parchment paper) during the pressing process!! This is a cold peel. Meaning, allow the transfer to cool down before removing the backing. 

This design will win 4th of July or Memorial Day events ;) We need more American pride!!